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  • Sunday, December 12, 2010
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  • Virus included in Malicious code. Malicious code is a program that when executed will cause something undesirable in the user. User systems do not usually pay attention to this program to find the damage. This malicious code can cause damage or serious data loss.

    One definition of a virus program is the insert itself to other objects such as executable files and some types of documents that many people use. Besides the ability to replicate themselves, virus can store and perform a specific task. The task can be destroyed or simply displaying something to the screen and the victim could have been assigned to look for a type of file to be sent at random to the internet can even do a format on the hard disk victims.

    The virus is spread on the internet, the virus that has not been identified will not be caught by the antivirus program or anything like that, even though the victim had been infected but did not know it. Antivirus software usually recognize a virus or viral candidates through specific signs contained in the core of the virus itself. Some virus use polymorphic techniques to escape detection by antivirus.

    Habit a polymorphic virus is to transform themselves in any infectious disease that causes the detection becomes much more difficult. Practically every computer platform has the each virus and there are some virus that have the ability to infect several different platforms (multi-platform). Multi-platform virus usually attacks the executable or document on the Windows operating system due to the popularity of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office found that many virus that aim to destroy Microsoft Corp.

    In addition to viruses, which included malicious code is a Trojan horse and worm. Trojan horse it’s like virus, Trojan horses usually infiltrated into a file or program. Trojan horses are programs that pretend not to harm but in fact they are something else. One of the functions contained in the Trojan horse is the installation of backdoor so that the programmer can infiltrate into the computer or system of victims. 

    The worm is a program that can replicate themselves and spreads itself by sending itself to other systems without human intervention after the program is run. The worm will not insert itself to another object. At the present time there are many worms spread due to computer users not to update the software they use, which is where this means, for example, Outlook Express has a function that could allow the execution of the file insertion (attachment) e-mail without interference from user's computer itself.

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