Firewall what, how and why tutorial

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  • Sunday, December 19, 2010
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  • A firewall is a system that regulates network services that require an entrance and exit must pass through a wall system. In these systems will be emphasized in coming in from which packets are sent, to which the package was addressed, who sent, how much and the number of the package. In addition to this system requires to pass through firewall also can record all incoming or outgoing service on a network.

    Firewall in a useful system to protect vulnerable service by the disturbances that occurred in the network, controlled access to the local site, for more concentrated on the security or the security is concentrated, to enhance privacy, and logging and statistics.

    Top of Form
    1. Vulnerable service
      Internal needs through the server via SMB one of them in Windows 98 which is the successor of Windows v95 with additional support for AGP, USB, Plug and Play better, file system and Internet Explorer version 4.0. Windows 98 is the first Windows version that is designed specifically for consumers.
    2. Controlled access to local sites
      Access control dsini intended to host anything that can enter or request a service. So only certain sites that can be asked for service.
    3. Security concentration
      Security made it easier and cheaper because it is done on a single host. While other hosts that are not secure will be hidden / protected.
    4. Increased Privacy
      Improved privacy was conducted on the finger, snoop / snif, dns zone transfer and localization of public access unlogged data.
    5. Logging and statistics
      Logging and statistics within a firewall using the channel utilization and trends which include service, from where, where, how big and long. In the logging if there is a strange package that comes into the system sounds an alarm or a warning sign to alert security status and trends in attacks and network systems.

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