Understanding Viruses And Comrades (Virus Variants)

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    1. Understanding Computer Viruses
      A computer virus is a computer program that duplicate or replicate by inserting a copy or copies of itself into the storage media / documents and into the network secretly without the knowledge of computer users. The effects of computer viruses are very diverse ranging from only appear strange messages to damage the computer and delete files or documents we.
    2.  Worm virus Varian Definition, Trojan and Spyware
    A.  Worm
    Worm is a potential security weaknesses or gaps in our computers that allows the computer is infected with the virus without having to execute a file that generally occur on the network

    B.  Trojan
    Trojan is a program that allows our computer controlled others through the network or the Internet.
    C. Spyware
    Spyware is an application that leaked the information data or user behavior habits in using the computer to an outside party without us knowing it. Usually used by the party advertisers.
    Characteristics of Computer We Affected / Infected Computer Virus:
    1. The computer is running slower than normal
    2. Often out error messages or strange
    3.  Change the display on a computer
    4. Storage media such as floppy disks, flash, and so on directly copying the files weird without us coffee when we connect to the computer.
    5. Computer crash like to restart itself or while walking.
    6.Like the message or writing strange
    7. The computer hangs or stops responding to us.
    8.Hard Drive not accessible
    9.Printer and other devices can not be used even though no hardware problems and software drivers.
    10.Often there is a menu or dialog box that an error or broken.
    11.Loss of some basic computer functions.
    12.The computer attempts to connect themselves with the Internet or a network without our order.
    13. Files that we store on computers or storage media go away or hidden viruses. and others ...

    Sample forms of media dissemination of computer viruses from one computer to another computer:
    - Storage Media (diskettes, flash, external hard drive, zipdisk, cd, dvd, bluray disc, cartridge)
    - The network lan, wan, man, internet and so forth.
    - File attachment or file attachments in emails or other electronic messages.
    - File software (software) virus-ridden computer.

    The most effective way so that we are not exposed to computer viruses is to install an original computer program is not pirated or original that is not ridden by a virus and friends, do not connect the computer to the network or the Internet, and never open or execute files from a computer other.
    But I like it too extreme and less slang in everyday use of computers as we normally exchange data or files with other computers in the form of job files, image files, file attachments, music files, video files, and so forth.
    So to avoid our computer infected by a virus and then we must be vigilant in their interaction with the file from another computer, the file from storage media of another person, email attachments, file sharing network, our computer security holes, and others. Install a good antivirus which is updated periodically and firewall programs for network and anti-spyware and adware to tackle another type of computer trouble.

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